Top 5 Reasons to study in United States

US has always held a special attraction for students wanting to pursue higher education. The reason being its open culture and excellent academic record. It allows for unsurpassed personal and professional growth opening several career opportunities after studies.

However, there are 5 compelling reasons why US is such an attractive destination for higher studies for students around the world.

American University-1
Best Universities

1. World’s Top Universities

US has some of the top universities in the world. There are nearly 50 universities which rank amongst the top universities. The reason being small batch size, highly competent faculty, advanced technology and excellent research facilities. Getting a degree from one of the world’s top most universities automatically gives you a head start in your career

2. Study what you can imagine

American universities offer you choice of programs, that in most likelihood, you have not heard of. Apart from traditional courses in Engineering or Management you can pursue courses such as Music Industry Administration, Masters in Digital business, Masters in Business for Lawyers, etc. In addition to selecting program students have can select diverse courses from large number of elective courses.

3. Numerous opportunities for research

Research forms an integral part of academic curriculum in US. Students form an integral part of any research project. The work done by students as part of research project often gets published, leads to patent registration or an idea for a start-up venture. Students also get an opportunity to work alongside some of the leading scientists in the world. The topics available for research are also very novel and diverse.

 4. Engaging campus life

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Campus Life

US universities have a campus life of its own. It is very vibrant and engaging. Students can engage in several extra-curricular or co-curricular activities. University campuses provide all kinds of facilities to students for sports & recreation. Students can enroll for free yoga classes, go on a picnic or join student parties. Students who are not staying on campus can also participate and experience this life beyond class room and study.

5. Global exposure

US universities attract students from all corners of the world. At present, it is estimated that nearly 10 million international students are studying at various US universities. The number is increasing every year. This gives students good opportunity to understand and assimilate diverse cultures and traditions. It also helps them to easily adjust and work for global corporations after their studies are completed.

Get ready to immerse yourself in American college life.